14 March, 2018

We love winter. Footie on a Saturday wrapped up in our Canada goose, knowing the pub will be warm and the banter smoking. It’s even better knowing that when we pull off our alpaca chullo our hair won’t let us down. 

The girls have been reading up on how to keep hair looking ace in the rain and cold for decades, but now it’s time for us guys to catch up. So here’s Jacks top tips on keeping it cool hairwise when the temperatures plummet: 

Winter dries out the hair. Well, to be exact, the central heating we crank up during winter dries out hair. So if you feel your hair isn’t on top form during the chilly season consider introducing conditioner to your daily hair care regime. Jacks of London True Gent Hassle Free daily conditioner is quick and easy to use and won’t weigh hair down. 

You know that old wives’ tale that hair doesn’t grow so fast in winter, it’s total codswallop (I love that word). If your hair is going to grow, then it will grow whether you are on a beach in Thailand or on the high street in Guildford. So don’t miss your regular trim and any of the chat. 

Listen to your mum, sometimes. She told you not to leave home with your hair wet and, guess what? She’s right. If your hair is damp then that style you’ve carefully combed it into will be devastated by the wind, rain and changing temperatures. Worse still, if you put a hat on to wet hair, you will get brutal hat hair that won’t be whipped back into shape until you get home and wash it again. So make sure it is bone dry before you depart.

Further protection against hat hair comes in the guise of American Crew Light Hold Texture, Liquid Wax or Boost Powder, depending on hair type and length. All are pliable products that allow you to keep reshaping your hair throughout the day. Just what you need so when you take your hat off, a quick rake with the fingers through the hair will ensure it is perfect once more. If you’re not sure which one is for you, ask your Jacks barber. He’ll know. 


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