12 March, 2019

Master Barber Paul Morgan gives us his take on keeping it local.

I’m not a coffee drinker – nipping out to a local café for a shot of caffeine is just not my thing. But sometimes it’s nice on a rare quiet moment to slip out of the Jacks store on St John’s Rd and head to a place where they know your name. For me, that’s On Your Marks, a local gym and café run by owner and reality TV personality Alex Marks. Yep, the same Alex Marks from ‘The Bachelor’ on channel 5. It’s @on.your.marks – in case you wanted to check him out. You’re welcome.

Alex is one of my regular clients, well-groomed and incredibly fit. He drops by our store in Clapham Junction every week for a hot towel shave. I use a cut-throat razor to create the sharp lines on his face and neck and the beard is faded to give it a great shape. Regular trims keep Alex’s beard in great condition along with the American Crew Beard Serum and All in One Face Balm which leaves his skin feeling smooth and fresh afterwards. I also trim his hair once a month, adding a disconnect section at the back and cutting in some layers on every other visit. The Jacks of London Urban Hold Salt Spray is the perfect product for Alex’s hair to give it a natural, laid back look with a bit of added texture.

Alex has modelled for me on stage and in photoshoots, for which I’m grateful; with a bloke like Alex on board, a barber’s creative work is always going to look good. But he’s also pretty generous with his advice on how to be healthier. I’m a skinny Irishman and trying to bulk up is a real challenge. Alex is ready with nutritional as well as exercise advice and I definitely listen to what he’s telling me, even if I’m not great at following it sometimes!

So, if I’m feeling a bit floored by a morning of non-stop clients, which is most days, I’ll head down for a bit of chill-out time with Alex and his team. The café is relaxed and the chocolate is good. The guys from Jacks assure me the coffee is okay too. So, if you are in the area, you could drop by for a cuppa or a workout after your Jacks visit. Tell them I sent you, they’ll look after you.


Last Sunday saw the Jacks of London Art Team take to the stage at HJ Live London. The team showcased their excellent barbering skills on the HJ Men’s stage with 3 different looks!


Grow and maintain a healthy beard with the help of The Brighton Beard Company and Jacks of London.


Last week saw the grand opening of our new store inside World of Golf London. The 4th Jacks store to open in the past year!

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