20 December, 2018

This week is mad week as the parties play out and the daily headaches kick in. But before you get completely partied out and look forward to hunkering down on Christmas Day, check your hair over in a nearby mirror.

Are you heading straight off to the pub after a day in the office without fixing your hair? Tut tut! Are you heading into ‘family time’ (those future or current in-laws will be taking notes) without tidying up that hairline?

A fail at the office to party/pub transformation is really unforgivable. It takes seconds to rub in a little The True Gent Head Strong Defining Paste or a bit of American Crew Liquid Wax to add texture to your top lengths. For longer hair, a quick spritz of The True Gent Urban Hold Salt Spray will create that saucy bed-head look that will be slightly more impressive to the ladies than home-time hair.

If you do shy away from your reflection having recognised that a haircut really is a priority before Santa comes, remember we open from 8am to 8pm so you can fit in a quick trim (be it hair or beard) before work or after. Getting a good cut will reduce the time it takes to sort your hair out before the pub and give you more options on how to dress out the cut.

A sweet fade makes it easier to create the height of a pompadour. You’ll also need a dab of The True Gent Hold Tight Pomade to hold in place. Or you could opt for the smart sophistication of sleek, shiny hair with some American Crew Grooming Cream. Both will add height, but if you feel you need to grit it up more first, add American Crew Boost Powder.

Going for more than just shine, add some American Crew Superglue to capture that dishevelled wet look that screams party boy. Curls can easily be redefined quickly by applying  some American Crew Control Foam and scrunching the lengths.

Now your hair is perfect you are almost ready to hit the bar, but maybe you should give your teeth a quick brush too.


The relentless pursuit of excellence by the Jacks of London barbering crew has paid off massively. Few barbershops can boast the UK International Barber of the Year on their team, let alone one who was named third best barber overall worldwide at the 2018 International Barber Awards in Germany.


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